Dem official says it’s ‘not a news story’. A potential school shooter identifies as transgender

After another trans lunatic was arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting in a Maryland school district, the county’s Democratic director told a news conference that it is not newsworthy that the would-be shooter identifies as transgender.

When asked why authorities are reluctant to admit that the suspect is trans-identifying, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, defiantly denied that the Democratic-led district is burying the proverbial leadership is.

“Because it’s not a party,” an angry Elrich claimed. “Do you announce every time someone is murdered that it is a white, Christian man who is heterosexual? No. You never publicize someone’s sexual orientation when you talk about it. Why you focus on that as a transgender person is beyond me. It is not news story. It’s not a crime to be transgender. And I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Elrich then stormed off, and the woman moderating Friday’s press conference said he had “a prior appointment” to attend.

Earlier, reciting pre-written remarks from the podium, Elrich proudly pointed out “the difficulty of getting guns here.”

“Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws,” Elrich praised, suggesting that the state’s firearms restrictions were a “barrier” that successfully prevented the would-be mass murderer from arming himself. “This could very well be a case where the difficulty of obtaining weapons is avoided it of getting a gun when He wanted to prevent it and possible it act immediately He would have preferred to take action,” Elrich continued, adding, “So I think there are some lessons to be learned in the future.”

During the televised event, every official, including Elrich and Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones, used the suspect’s “preferred” pronouns and made-up male name, even going so far as to formally address her as “Mr. . Alex Ye’.

18-year-old high school student Andrea “Alex” Ye of Rockville, a biological female who identifies as male, was charged this week with threats of mass violence, a felony in Maryland punishable by up to 10 years in prison if the suspect does so. found guilty.

Ye allegedly wrote a 129-page “manifesto” in which she laid out a strategy for carrying out a shooting at her high school, Thomas S. Wootton High School, according to an MCPD news release. A search warrant issued Tuesday led to alarming internet searches, drawings and documents linked to threats of mass violence. You were arrested on Wednesday and the news broke on Thursday.

Ye’s arrest follows a joint investigation by MCPD and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Baltimore Field Office.

Ye is currently being held without bond at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility near Clarksburg. A preliminary trial date has already been set for June 3, after Ye’s criminal defense attorney filed a motion for a speedy trial, court records show.

Montgomery County Public Schools said in a statement that Ye has not physically attended an MCPS school since fall 2022, but she has actively participated in virtual classes through a special program called Online Pathways to Graduation.

The manifesto and now-foiled school shooting, allegedly masterminded by a “female-to-male” transgender maniac, parallels the Covenant School case, in which 28-year-old Audrey “Aiden” Hale slaughtered six victims, including three children. in a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. Hale also wrote a trans-ifesto prior to the massacre.