Heat advances to face Boston Celtics after dominant 112-91 win over Bulls in East Play-In final


The fiery chants of “We want Boston” echoed through the Miami Heat arena in the fourth quarter, embodying the crowd’s desire fulfilled by the team’s victory.

Despite the absence of Jimmy Butler due to a knee injury, the resilient Miami Heat secured their place in the playoffs with an impressive victory over the Chicago Bulls. Tyler Herro led the charge with 24 points and nearly recorded a triple-double, while rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. Contributed 21 points, solidifying his spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Miami’s road to the playoffs was marked by determination as they went on a 19-0 run in the opening quarter, establishing an early lead that set the tone for the game. This dominance continued with a decisive 14–0 run in the second half, ending all hopes for the Bulls.

Despite a valiant effort from the Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic, who combined for 38 points, Chicago fell short against Miami’s stalwart defense. Shooting just 38%, the Bulls struggled to find their rhythm against the Heat’s formidable defensive prowess.

The first half witnessed Miami’s defensive tenacity, limiting Chicago to a paltry 37 points while maintaining a double-digit lead. Despite sporadic offensive droughts, the Heat took advantage of crucial scoring runs to maintain their lead.

As the game progressed, Miami’s resilience shone through, overcoming offensive challenges with unwavering determination. Despite occasional lulls in scoring, strategic scoring bursts propelled the Heat to victory, securing their No. 8 seed in the playoffs.

With their playoff fate sealed, the Heat now prepare for a formidable challenge against the Boston Celtics. Facing a Celtics team hungry for redemption after last season’s playoff defeat, Miami prepares for a grueling playoff battle against the Eastern Conference powerhouse.