RuPaul’s Rainbow Bus rides through Tallahassee – The Famuan

RuPaul with the Rainbow Bus.
Photo courtesy of: @rainbowbookbus on Instagram

RuPaul, star and creator of the reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” partnered with Allstora, an independent online bookstore, to launch the Rainbow Bus Tour to distribute more than 7,000 banned books nationwide.

Beginning March 4, the Rainbow Bus will make stops in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Memphis, Phoenix, San Antonio and Tallahassee to promote literacy and inclusivity.

According to the bus’s official website, the tour aims to promote and protect access to representative books and media for queer communities and anyone affected by anti-inclusive legislation by distributing these books. “We provide opportunities to escape, learn and feel seen and understood. Most importantly, we remind LGBTQ+ youth and their loved ones that they are not alone,” the website said.

This initiative is especially important in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. Under the DeSantis administration, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill had significant impacts on the state’s political sphere, causing more than 2,700 titles to be challenged or banned entirely from public schools. Many people believe that this ban targets minorities and LGBTQ writers.

“These are targeted attacks against unjust people in the name of the common good, something you can see throughout American history,” said Bianca Morris, a second-year agricultural sciences student. “Rupaul’s distribution of these books shows that those who are constantly denied and discriminated against must stand up for themselves.”

“Topics like racism and discrimination need to be brought up to prevent this from happening in the future,” said De’Shawn Wise-Minor, a first-year mechanical engineering major. “It is very important that RuPaul distributes these books because it can be seen as overcoming adversity,” he added.

“The book ban may not hurt him directly, but he is giving back and actually trying to help community members who have been affected by the book ban,” FAMU psychology alumnus Justin Mathews said of RuPaul.

With a prominent figure like RuPaul, the Rainbow Bus Tour continues to inspire nationwide. With his goal of giving away 10,000 books by the end of the year, he’s also gearing up to launch a monthly book club with curated playlists and author interviews to help the cause.

“You can’t stop the imagination,” RuPaul said in an interview. “I just hope that the child that lives inside each of them will rise up and have a voice and say, ‘I want to use all the colors in the crayon box. I will not be limited.’”

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