The Broncos’ draft plans could prove that the selection of Pat Surtain II was a mistake to begin with

The Denver Broncos have the best cornerback in the NFL on their roster in Patrick Surtain II, but where the Broncos currently stand, he doesn’t do the team much good if he’s on the roster. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense. A recent bombshell report shows that the Broncos traded Surtain to a new team almost at the deadline.

Surtain, meanwhile, was nearly traded before the 2023 season deadline, another general manager told the Post, but the Broncos reportedly changed course when they won a few games and opted to keep the star cover man. ESPN previously reported the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers attempted to acquire the former first-round pick last fall.”

CBS Sports

The idea of ​​trading a team’s best player is pretty damning, right? If Patrick Surtain II was the right choice to begin with, these conversations wouldn’t be happening, right? The team passed on drafting QBs Justin Fields and Mac Jones to acquire Surtain, which was the right choice. However, they also passed on drafting guys like Micah Parsons and Jaelan Phillips to draft Surtain, which wasn’t the right move.

In the NFL, successful teams are built from within, and an elite CB doesn’t have nearly the same impact on defenses as an elite pass rusher. If the Broncos had drafted Parsons, the Cowboys had taken Surtain, and the respective players had had the exact same careers to date, Denver’s defense would be in significantly better shape.

And there would be absolutely no talk about trading Parsons to move up for a QB. Getting to the QB is more important than an elite secondary. This report from CBS Sports and the fact that people are simply talking about including Surtain in a trade package in the 2024 NFL Draft only proves that he wasn’t the right selection to begin with.

Denver has an elite CB, but the defense is average at best. If Denver had an elite pass rusher like Parsons and an average secondary, the defense would be better. It’s not rocket science in my opinion. With the team perhaps embracing a desperate mentality, trading Surtain to move up in the 2024 NFL Draft easily proves that the stud CB was the wrong selection.

And I’m not bashing the player. He is by far the best player on the roster and is clearly the best CB in the NFL. However, no one on the Denver Broncos roster is untouchable right now. And when you think about it, Denver should have some untouchable players. Untouchable players simply means a player that a team would simply never trade.

They are so good and valuable to their team that being moved under any circumstances is not even a question for them. Elite QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are untouchable players. Elite pass rushers like Micah Parsons and Myles Garrett are untouchable players.

Elite CBs, especially those on the Denver Broncos roster, are not untouchable.