Atlanta Movie Exec Under Fire for Anti-Black Lyrics

Ryan Millsap - screenshot
Ryan Millsap – screenshot

*In the shadows of Atlanta’s glitzy film and television industry, a story unfolds that reflects the timeless wisdom: “Secrets buried in darkness are destined to emerge.” Stands in the middle Ryan Millsap, once praised for championing diversity and inclusivity in the city’s entertainment scene. Yet beneath his public facade lies a contradictory reality, revealed through private messages unearthed in a courtroom drama. It’s all revealed in a rather damning report from ProPublica and the A.J.C.

The court transcripts reveal a startling contrast to Millsap’s public image and portray him in a damning light. For the Blackhall Studios founder, text exchanges revealed by his former lawyer are John Da Grosa Smithpaints a disturbing picture.

From derogatory comments directed at African Americans to derogatory insults against Jewish individuals, the messages expose a disturbing truth.

The bulk of this communication dates back to 2019, a period that coincided with Millsap’s tenure as CEO of Shadowbox Studios, a business he nurtured from inception into an 80,000-square-foot powerhouse. His profile on IMDb shows him as the architect of the studio’s strategic vision, immersed in its daily activities and determining its direction.

Millsap’s rise to prominence in Atlanta was fueled by his perceived commitment to diversity. Projects like HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ and YouTube Premium’s ‘Step Up: The Series’ highlighted his collaboration with African-American talent.

His collaborations with local luminaries like TI and Issac Hayes III seemed to reinforce this narrative, as evidenced by joint appearances on podcasts.

However, Smith’s revelations shatter the illusion and expose Millsap’s duplicity.

The narrative of inclusivity crumbles under the weight of his personal bigotry, as Smith accuses him of cunningly obscuring the truth.

The dirty conversations, mainly with his former girlfriend and business partner, Christy Hockmeyer, delve into a realm of racism and anti-Semitism exposed in the investigative report from ProPublica and the AJC. While Hockmeyer acknowledges her wrongdoing and apologizes, Millsap remains silent and refuses to make a formal statement.

Messages sent between Ryan Millsap (green) and Christy Hockmeyer (blue) in 2019 - Screenshot of an exhibit filed by John Da Grosa Smith's attorney in January
Messages sent between Ryan Millsap (green) and Christy Hockmeyer (blue) in 2019 – Screenshot of an exhibit filed by John Da Grosa Smith’s attorney in January

Amid this scandal, Millsap’s involvement in a controversial land swap between Blackhall Studios and DeKalb County adds another layer of intrigue. The deal, which was completed in 2020, traded studio space for parkland, which drew widespread attention due to its proximity to the divisive Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, dubbed “Cop City” by dissenters.

As the spotlight shifts from his cinematic achievements to his hidden prejudices and questionable actions, Ryan Millsap becomes entangled in a story where the shadows can no longer obscure the truth.

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