Flood Run will bring thousands of bikers to the St. Croix River this Saturday

Morning news of April 19, 2024

Morning news of April 19, 2024


ST. PAULUS, min. – This Saturday marks the 59th annual Flood Run Motorcycle Ride and the Minnesota State Patrol is asking both motorcyclists and motorists to use extra caution while cruising along the St. Croix River.

The event starts at Lake St. Croix Beach on the St. Croix Trail. Thousands of motorcyclists then take Highway 61 and ride southeast along the river through Winona before crossing Wisconsin and heading northwest on the other side.

The State Patrol says its troops and members from other agencies will patrol the ride this year amid an increase in fatal motorcycle crashes in Minnesota. Last year, 69 motorcyclists died on national highways.

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The flood occurred in 2017


“Making smart choices can save lives,” said Jay Bock of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center. “Fatal accidents are preventable and riders must work together to ensure everyone can enjoy the event and get home safely.”

Bock says a third of all motorcyclist deaths are due to drunk driving. In addition to staying sober, Bock advises riders to wear a helmet and other protective gear and maintain a two-second lead.

Motorists are advised to give cyclists a following distance of three seconds and to always look twice at intersections when changing lanes or turning left.

According to event organizers, the Flood Run began in 1965 when a dozen runners made a pilgrimage to Winona to help fill sandbags. The Winona Post says the St. Croix rose more than 8 feet in seven days in April, raising the river to a record high of 20 feet.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Gillette Children’s.