Reader’s View: School district residents are already unfairly taxed – Duluth News Tribune

Here we are again with the Duluth School District proposing a property tax increase of an average of $10.87 per month, or $130 more per year (Our Opinion/Approval: “Vote ‘Yes’ Now to Prepare Duluth’s Children” , 29 March).

I believe the district is out of touch with reality because we are all dealing with inflation. The cost of living per household is rising. We seniors have even more trouble making ends meet. Property taxes increase every year, and it doesn’t stop there. It seems there are people in this city who believe we can afford unfair tax increases.

Don’t forget that we are still paying for the so-called Long Distance Facilities, or the Red Plan.

Why don’t school districts lobby and fight for additional funding in St. Paul more? The Legislature must have taxpayer dollars available to increase education funding.

We homeowners are taxed beyond all reasonableness. Enough is enough. Period of time. I may have to sell my house.

Dave Sande


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