The NFL expert’s mock draft gives Falcons a well-known prospect

The Falcons are still a week away from the NFL Draft, and most experts are confident about where Atlanta will go with their top pick.

Whether you trust Mel Kiper and ESPN’s bevy of draft analysts, The Athletic’s pundit Dane Brugler, or another outlet’s draft expert, the Falcons are expected to acquire Dallas Turner.

Now there are the occasional mock drafts where Atlanta Rome takes or even trades back Odunze, Jared Verse, Laiatu Latu, Quinyion Mitchell, Terrion Arnold, but that’s more a case of putting something new on the air.

Peter Schrager’s pilot design does things a little differently. He begins his mockery by saying, “As always, this isn’t anything I would do – that’s what I’m hearing from my sources in the league.”

What do league sources think the Falcons will do? You guessed it. Dallas Turner.

With a top-10 pick in each of the past three drafts, the Falcons have gone for tight end, wide receiver and running back. So I don’t see them targeting WR Malik Nabers this time around, as tempting as that may be. Instead, Atlanta fills a long-standing need at the edge with the explosive pass rusher from Alabama.

Passing on Malik Nabers would put this LSU alumnus against the wall.

No, the Falcons don’t need another wide receiver, as if they need a pass rusher or cornerback, but in terms of the best player available, Terry Fontenot has to consider Nabers as one of the top talents in the draft.

Granted, with Raheem Morris in the fold, trends could very well change. But based on Fontenot’s track record, Nabers and Rome Odunze should be seen as possibilities, even if the defense is in desperate need of corner and edge talent.

That said… Schrager’s sources say Turner. Betting markets says Turner. Kiper and all the other draft experts say Turner.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck