Draymond Green hints at roster changes for Warriors

The Golden State Warriors will watch the playoffs from the comfort of their own home this year. The Sacramento Kings eliminated them in the Western Conference play-in tournament on Tuesday (April 16). As such, there are widespread expectations that Golden State will make changes to its roster during the offseason.

During the latest episode of the “Draymond Green Show” podcast, the veteran forward shared his belief that Golden State’s rotation will look different when the new season begins later this year. He accepted that changes needed to happen, but no longer posted what those changes might be.

“When you’re in a situation like this, all things are on the table,” Green added. “You’d be crazy to go into it and think, ‘Oh, that’s not true,’ or ‘I’m fine.’ Like… no, you’re not until you are. I’m looking forward to having these conversations, seeing what’s next, what the thoughts are. I had a few thoughts (Wednesday), but a little about this tight 20 minute schedule of everyone going through their exit interviews. So I’m looking forward to having those conversations.”

Once the offseason officially begins, the Warriors’ primary goal will be to resolve Klay Thompson’s contract situation one way or another. His impending free agency has been a theme all year and will be something everyone will undoubtedly want to see resolved.

Whatever other changes Golden State chooses will likely be based on maximizing the talent of their veteran core and younger stars such as Jonathan Kuminga, Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis. It will be a busy summer for Dunleavy and co., but that will have to happen if another championship takes place in the near future.