Neighborhood House appoints a new president to lead the St. Paul social services organization

Neighborhood House, a St. Paul-based nonprofit social services organization, has named Janet Gracia, a longtime West Side resident and nonprofit executive director, as its new president.

Gracia has worked for thirty years – fifteen of them in leadership roles – with the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. She currently serves as senior vice president of culture and impact, overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, as well as volunteer culture.

Gracia replaces Nancy Brady, who is retiring after ten years as president of Neighborhood House.

Since 1897, Neighborhood House has served as a multicultural, multilingual network for immigrants, refugees and low-income families in St. Paul. The organization serves 16,000 people annually and helps with basic needs such as food and housing. It also offers coaching to families along with educational programming.

Gracia herself turned to Neighborhood House when she moved from Iowa to Minnesota as a single mother in 1990 for support and resources. Since then, she has dedicated her time to working for organizations with related goals, developing leadership and empowering people in their communities.

“Because Neighborhood House was there for me when I needed help, I was able to thrive in many areas of my life,” Gracia said in a statement. “I am honored to continue this mission and work side by side with the staff and community to help us all thrive.”

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