Magic Johnson Expresses Excitement About First Round ‘Rivalries’, Names Key for Lakers to Beat Nuggets

If last year’s Lakers-Nuggets first-round Conference Finals rematch had your attention, a glimpse at some of the other matchups taking place around the league won’t disappoint either. Especially when Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is the one bringing these upcoming battles to your attention.

The Lakers legend was ecstatic as playoff fever took over and expressed his excitement, along with offering expert advice on what it would take for Los Angeles to finally beat the Denver Nuggets on X (formerly Twitter). Magic then highlighted some of the most exciting games in the first round of this year’s 2023-2024 NBA playoffs.

“The first round of the playoffs is filled with natural rivalries…the Sixers and Knicks, the Lakers and Denver, the Pacers and Bucks. This is going to be SO fun to watch!”

While there are a few other first-round fights that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats, Johnson may have settled on the favorites he was looking forward to. Of the three mentioned, staying on top of the Lakers-Nuggets series will be his top priority.

As for the Pacers-Bucks series; earlier this season, fans saw some animosity between the two teams over the game ball. Resulting in plenty of drama and some new found beef between these two teams, that series in the East is looking promising.

Another series to keep an eye on is the New York Knicks taking on the Philadelphia 76ers. A fairly old rivalry that started to die out after the 80s; these new squads certainly provide an exciting factor to revive some of that bad playoff blood decades ago. Furthermore, after seven long years, the Knicks were finally able to dominate the season series against the 76ers, winning three out of four games.

Shortly after sharing the first-round playoff series he will be keeping an eye on, Magic Johnson’s loyalty to his former team came in another tweet shortly after.

“For the Lakers to have a chance to beat the Nuggets this time around, the guards have to bring their A-game. Last year, the Nuggets’ guard trio of Bruce Brown, KCP and Jamal Murray was dominant! The key to victory for the Lakers is DLO, Reaves, Vincent and Dinwiddie outperforming Murray, KCP and Braun.”

Magic may be doing well with its analytics/scouting report for the Lakers-Nuggets series, but LA appears to be one guard short in their matchup against Denver’s three guards. D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves have had great years when it comes to their point production on the floor.

It’s the lack of another “consistent” guard that could tip the balance in Denver’s favor. But at the same time, a healthy LeBron James recently boasted of his confidence in a different outcome for their first-round series this year.

A battle to reminisce or a new attack coming? Tune in tomorrow at 8:30 PM ET to ABC Network to watch the Nuggets host the Lakers for Game 1.