FSU athletics maintenance is preparing for greatness

Lined fields, painted logos, bright green grass and clean bleachers: this is what fans of Florida State University athletics see when they go to watch the Seminoles. However, the athletes are not the only ones who work hard. When you look beneath the surface, it’s surprising how many people it takes to ensure an event runs smoothly.

There are two main groups that contribute to the well-being of Florida State’s athletic complexes: Athletic Event Management and Facilities and Grounds Operations.

FSU’s athletics event management and facilities team consists of graduate assistants, OPS (other personal services) staff and undergraduate volunteers. These individuals spend their time making sure the spaces are clean, organized, and perfectly set up for eager fans.

“Before I started working in event management and facilities, I didn’t realize all the little things that go into every sports game,” said OPS employee Caroline Orum. “I appreciate the people who work in the department for all their hard work and dedication.”

Organizing these school-sanctioned events is no easy feat. To make the scene suitable for the public, staff must help set up 6 hours before the match. The workday can last up to 14 hours, especially during football season.

Preparing for a football match doesn’t just start on the day itself. During the week, the group helps transport equipment to various facilities on campus, ensuring everything runs smoothly until the game starts.

“We need to set up tables, chairs, barricades and walkways throughout the stadium,” Orum said. “During the game, some of us work field goal nets and some of us do bathroom checks. But besides that, we’re on the field all the time watching the game, it’s pretty cool.”

While the Athletic Event Management and Operations crew focuses on serving spectators, Grounds Operations ensures everything is ready for the athletes. Whether it’s washing away the dirt at Joanne Graf Field or maintaining the grass at the Dave Middleton Golf Center, the group makes sure everything is in perfect condition for the athletes. T

Although many don’t realize how much work goes into it, the events wouldn’t be the same without them. Even students can recognize its impact.

“The maintenance of FSU facilities ensures that athletics has a professional appearance. The FSU brand has undeniable weight, and the caliber of our facilities helps deliver on the expectations that come with it,” said FSU student Devin Becker.

Grounds Operations is not just limited to Florida State athletic facilities. In addition to sports field maintenance, the crew is divided into four other categories: grounds maintenance, landscaping and day care centers, outdoor and shopping center facilities, and solid waste and recycling. The Grounds and Landscape Operations state that they strive to maintain a landscape environment that is safe, clean and attractive to the eye.

There is not a single sporting event that does not involve any of these groups. Without their hard work and dedication, athletic competitions would certainly not be the same.