LeBron James reminds Nuggets of his GOAT status after being called “trash” by his biggest hater

Le Bron James found himself in an awkward position as the Los Angeles Lakers prepared to confront Denver Nuggets in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. He has shouted “garbage” right in his face before the series even started, but as the camera rolled, LeBron gave a response that he wanted the whole world to see.

LeBron tackles GOAT status

When challenged, James doesn’t back down. The viral videotaken up by his son, Bryce Jamesshowed that LeBron definitely has his own opinion on who the Best of all time.

“I’m GOAT bro. GOAT What are you talking about? Don’t play with me anymore,” said the… NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

It took hatred from his own son in the comfort of his own home King James to feel the need defend his legacy.

“You’re trash!” shouted Bryce, 16, prompting a strong reaction from his father.

LeBron, wearing flip-flops, played a flat ball on the drive and made two straight shots in response. They continued to talk trash to each other, and then LeBron finally capped it all off with a look at Bryce that turned into a meme, followed by another shot.

“Using all threes in the backyard before the game is insane,” one fan joked Tweet/X in response to the wholesome video.

Lakers meet Nuggets and a lot is at stake

When it comes to LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan GOAT debates, another one ringwould go a long way for the Lakers star. James has set all kinds of records with his high level of play 21st seasonbut even he gives in he’s running out of time in the NBA to win more championships.

To do that, the red-hot Lakers will have to come around Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets in the first round. LA has lost eight straight games to Denverbut coach Darvin Ham believes this time will be different with a healthy LeBron James-Anthony Davis duo.

The defending NBA champions are heavy favorites after winning the Meershow in last year’s Western Conference Finals, but after seeing LeBron’s reaction to his son, they won’t dare oust the GOAT.