No. 4 map lights through Wisconsin

MADISON, Wisc. – The No. 4 Cardinal topped No. 6 Wisconsin this morning, leading by more than six seconds each in the eight, four and double races.

The varsity eight won their race by more than 10 seconds, and the four won by more than 17 seconds. The double was the closest of the day, with Stanford winning by more than six seconds.

The Card is in Sacramento next week for the WIRA Championships on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Varsity 8+

  1. Stanford 6:43.77
  2. Wisconsin 6:54.16

Varsity 4+

  1. Stanford 7:31.86
  2. Wisconsin 7:49.16

Varsity 2+

  1. Stanford 7:50.17
  2. Wisconsin 7:56.47


Varsity 8+
Mate: Lydia Garnett

Stroke seat: Juliette Lermusiaux

7. Anna Meurer

6. Emily Molins

5. Maddie Lloyd

4. Mikayla Chen

3. Brooke Ruszkiewicz
2. Grace Padula

Bow seat: Hanna Justicz

Varsity 4+
Mate: Marrisa Chow
Stroke seat: Brooke Legenzowski
3. Sophia Ramaraju
2. Jordan Stock
Bow seat: Lauren Koester

Varsity 2x
Stroke seat: Elle Rosenfeld
Bow seat: Hanna Peters