Dissatisfied residents of Spanish city dispute police report of fatal shooting of alleged gang leader

Disgruntled residents of the Spanish city are disputing the police report of the fatal shooting of an alleged gang leader

Concerned residents of the Spanish town of St. Catherine have disputed the police report of the incident in which a man was fatally shot yesterday.

Dead is 44-year-old Sheldon Walters, also known as “Termite”, of Dover District, Kitson Town.

Police allege Walters had ties to the Klansman gang’s top banking faction.

It is reported that Walters was killed last night during an alleged confrontation with police officers, and that an illegal firearm was taken from him.

Residents angry about Walters’ killing set up fiery roadblocks along some roads in the area.

They claim that Walters surrendered to members of the security forces and was then shot in cold blood.