WATCH: Kirk Cousins ​​hammers Golden Spike for Atlanta United

Before Atlanta United FC took on Cincinnati FC in a match on April 20, they had their traditional Golden Spike ceremony where a special guest hammered the ceremonial golden spike into the platform of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. For this game, the special guest was a newcomer to Atlanta, Atlanta Falcons starting quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Atlanta United posted the legendary entrance on their official social media page:

Cousins ​​is still recovering from his Achilles injury that forced him to sit out his 2023 season, where he played some of his best football. During his rehabilitation, he has been on a media tour of sorts, going to The Masters, going to shows with Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Hart to fuel his enthusiasm to join Atlanta and now hammer home the Golden Spike.

Cousins ​​has solidified his desire to finish his career in Atlanta and is doing all the right things since signing to become a Falcon. All that remains for him is to prove it on the field in September.