Abusive father Burt Templet was shot by his son at home and died days later

On June 3, 2019, 17-year-old Anthony Templet made a shocking 911 call in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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“I just killed my dad,” he told the dispatcher.

At the scene, paramedics found 53-year-old Burt Templet “in a pool of blood” in a bathroom of the home they shared, said Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings of the East Baton Rouge district attorney’s office. Kill or be killedairs on Saturdays at 9 p.m Oxygen.

Burt had been shot in the arm, chest and head. “He was still alive, but he was in very bad shape,” Cummings added.

Burt was rushed to the hospital, where he was placed on life support. Anthony was taken to the sheriff’s office.

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We investigate the scene where Burt Templet was shot

Crime scene officers examined the scene, where the door between Burt’s bedroom and the hallway was broken.

They also collected DNA, weapons and shell casings. “They had everything they needed in this case, including a confession,” reporter Austin Kemker said Kill or be killed.

Investigators discovered that Anthony and Burt had been living alone in the house for approximately four months. “I don’t really like him,” the teen told a detective about his father.

Burt’s estranged wife, Susan Templet, shared background information about Anthony and his family. When she met Burt, she was a single mother with a six-year-old son, Peyton.

“Anthony was seven,” she said. “Burt had told me that Anthony’s mother had passed away.”

While Anthony opened up to her, Susan said, she added that with Burt, he was “a completely different kid.”

Anthony Templet said his father Burt abused him

In a recorded police interview, Anthony said he “thought (Burt) was just going to try to kill me.” That’s why he shot his father three times.

“He claimed his father abused him,” Cummings said. “But Anthony had no cuts, scratches or bruises.”

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Anthony was charged with attempted manslaughter, while Burt continued to cling to life. He was taken off life support four days after he was shot.

Anthony faced a 40-year prison sentence for manslaughter. Attorney Jarrett Ambeau took over his case.

“It was clear to me that this killing was justified,” he said. Ambeau learned more about Anthony’s life from his stepmother.

Burt Templet’s estranged wife, Susan, gave a detailed account of alleged abuse

Susan said she and Burt and their sons lived together for several years before getting married. It wasn’t long before Burt started “yelling and screaming,” she said.

Verbal abuse escalated and Burt used his fists or casseroles as a weapon, according to Susan.

He began “physically abusing all of us,” she said, adding that “when he reached a certain level of anger, it was like Popeye eating spinach.”

Ultimately, she sent her son Peyton to her ex-husband. In early 2019, four months before the shooting, Burt’s alleged abuse reached a tipping point. Kill or be killed.

“We got into an argument and he pulled me out of bed by my hair,” Susan said. “He punched me in the face four times. I saw three of my teeth hit the ground.”

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She filed a restraining order in February 2019, documenting Burt’s history of abuse and noting that there were multiple firearms in the home. References to violence against Anthony are not included.

“I did not document anything about the restraining order that Anthony was being abused because it would further endanger his life,” Susan said. Kill or be killed. “Because he was in the abuser’s home.”

After consulting with Anthony, Ambeau believed the teen was “legitimately at the end of his tether,” he said. “He was in a position where he thought the only way out was to kill his father.”

Anthony Templet charged with second-degree murder

Ambeau did his best to get the case against Anthony dismissed. The district attorney’s office convened a grand jury.

Anthony was charged with manslaughter. If Anthony is found guilty of the charge, he automatically faces life in prison without parole, Ambeau said.

He was transferred from the juvenile facility to the East Baton Rouge Parish jail. He said his bail was $1 million Kill or be killed.

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A successful self-defense case would be quite a task. “We must prove that the person who committed the murder was in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm,” Ambeau said. “And that the murder was necessary to stop the attack.”

“That second part was really hard for us,” Ambeau said, adding that Anthony “wasn’t touched by his father that night.”

In the interests of his client, Ambeau felt it was essential that the court understand Anthony’s full life story.

Anthony Templet’s complicated history emerges

“For all intents and purposes, Anthony did not exist,” the lawyer said. ‘No school file, no medical file. He was hidden by his father in a way that kept him out of society.”

Burt kept an eye on his wife and son with cameras placed throughout their home. “He watched our every move,” Susan said.

Anthony got a job at a local nursery. After the shooting, his employer asked a genealogist to see if Anthony had any other relatives.

The teen’s boss suspected “he had been kidnapped somehow,” said genealogist Shayna Landry, who looked into Anthony’s past.

After doing some digging, Landry made contact with a woman in Texas who claimed to be Anthony’s mother, Teresa. She lived with Anthony’s sister, Natasha.

When Landry shared her discovery on Facebook, “it blew up,” Landry said.

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News emerged that Anthony was only five years old when his father, who had physically abused his mother, took him from their Houston home. Kill or be killed. Anthony’s mother had been looking for him for years, Baton Rouge station WAFB reported.

“Eventually we would find out that this kidnapping occurred in the legal system,” Ambeau said.

Teresa had no resources, no way to find her son. “To her, Anthony had disappeared into a black hole,” Ambeau said. Anthony was shocked to hear that his mother was still alive.

With new evidence pointing to Burt’s pattern of abuse, Anthony’s defense team has filed a motion to reduce his bail so he can be released.

A psychologist determined that Anthony did not harm anyone else. Bail was reduced to $50,000 on the condition that Anthony attend counseling, work on his GED and wear an ankle monitor.

After being locked up for more than six months, Anthony was released. His lawyer still had to prove that he acted in self-defense when he shot his father.

“The strongest evidence in our favor is that even if Burt is definitively injured and definitively withdraws, and says stop, Anthony did not stop,” Cummings said. That Burt had been drinking heavily made him even less of a threat, she added.

Anthony Templet charged with negligent homicide

But in light of the evidence of a complicated history of abuse and neglect, Cummings reconsidered the charges against Anthony. “We started talking to the defense,” she said.

She offered to go back to the original manslaughter charge. But because that would mean time behind bars, Ambeau turned down the offer.

Ultimately, the district attorney set up a meeting with Ambeau and Cummings. The public prosecutor put homicide by negligence on the table.

The charge “is killing a human being through actual reckless conduct,” Cummings said. “It felt like the right solution in this case.”

The charge carried no jail time, was not a violent crime and could be expunged from Anthony’s record, Ambeau said. He called it “a 100% win.”

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Anthony was sentenced to five years of supervised probation and given credit for time already served, Newsweek reported.

According to the series, Anthony had chosen not to communicate with members of his biological or stepfamilies at the time of filming.

“I’m still working,” Anthony said Kill or be killed. “I have completed my training and am working on my fitness and health.”

Find out more about the case, which is covered in the show’s “The Other Side of the Door” episode Kill or be killedairs on Saturdays at 9 p.m Oxygen.