Nikola Jokić dresses up as Gru for Game 1 and laments being compared to him in Despicable Me 4 promos

Most commentary on the success of Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić notes how resistant he is to traditional star-making devices. For example, in February, Louisa Thomas from The New Yorker wrote that Jokić is “certainly the least known” of the NBA’s post-Michael Jordan faces.

But even the least Hollywood among us can’t help but be charmed by Mr. Gru.

In an apparent attempt to advertise Despicable Me 4, Jokić dressed up as the Steve Carell-voiced cartoon supervillain before Game 1 of the Nuggets’ playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night — black-and-gray striped scarf and all.

That followed the release of a teaser for the film in which Jokić seeks therapy to deal with people who compare him to Gru. Despicable Me‘s signature henchmen, exasperated: “I’m not your boss.”

Considering some of his otherworldly performances on the field, be honest: would you put stealing the moon past Nikola Jokić?