Giants Patrick Bailey hits Homer right into a kayak on his own bobblehead day

There are a few things on my exercise bucket list that I would like to do if I get the chance. I wouldn’t mind taking a ride in the two-seater IndyCar at the Indianapolis 500, it would be cool to throw an octopus onto the ice at a Red Wings game, and I’d like a home run make to McCovey Cove.

If the opportunity to do the latter ever arises, hopefully I’ll get advance notice so I can make some cuts on the batting cages in advance…

Anyway, a deep home run over the right field stands at Oracle Park and into the booze so people can fight over it with oars is great.

San Francisco Giants catcher Patrick Bailey had never homed to McCovey Cove before Saturday, which happened to be Patrick Bailey’s bobblehead day (I’d like to amend my bucket list and add “my bobblehead likeness handed out to fans”).

Well, Patrick Bailey managed to cross both a bobblehead day and a crushing piss rocket in McCovey Cove, all in one day.

That 2-run shot was one of four hits Bailey had that afternoon, including a pair of doubles.

A great day, but the most impressive part? Did you notice that the two people in that green kayak caught fire pretty quickly after the ball left the stadium and headed for the water?

That’s because it went straight into their kayak.

So now we’re left with a bit of controversy: If that ball never hit water, should it count as Bailey’s first career splash hit? I mean, splash is in the name and there was no splash to speak of.

Not only should it count, I think it should count for more. Anyone can hit a ball into a large body of water. But right into the lap of a lady paddling a kayak?

That is considerably more difficult.

So congratulations to Patrick Bailey for the first kayak/splash hit.