Portland profiles two underdeveloped professionals in expert mock

The Portland Trail Blazers most likely have not one but two lottery picks in the first round of this summer’s upcoming NBA draft (in addition to their own pick, they also have the top-four protected draft rights to the Golden State Warriors’ first). The team has several options at its disposal. The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor explains some intriguing possibilities in a fresh mock-up.

With their projected No. 7 pick, O’Connor drafted Portland G League combo forward Ron Holland, who compares O’Connor to Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings.

“A return to the G League could be a scary proposition for Portland given Scoot Henderson’s struggles this season, but Holland would be a good choice,” O’Connor wrote. “He brings tough defense and some shot creation from the wing position. After finishing the Ignite season strong, he shouldn’t be forgotten as a potential top-five selection. And a team like the Blazers can afford to be patient are.” .”

He projects as a switchy, defense-first starter. On offense, O’Connor is pleased with the 6-foot-4 forward’s ability to create for himself off the dribble, but worries about Holland’s ability to gather well as a spot-up shooter.

In this mock, O’Connor believes the Trail Blazers will select Tidjane Salaun from French club Cholet. The 6-foot-4 forward’s O’Connor pro-comp is Chandler Parsons, who was an entertaining forward before his injury.

“Salaun, like Ron Holland, is an underdeveloped yet talented two-way player who is worth an investment, especially if he slips this far on draft night. I could even see the Blazers taking him at No. 5,” O’Connor wrote . .

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