Syntiro welcomes Noelle Federico as its new director of operations to the Augusta office

AUGUSTA – Syntiro recently announced the return of Noelle Federico as its new director of operations.

Noelle Federico Submitted photo

In this role, Federico will oversee executive, human resources and project support, and cultivate strong partner collaborations to drive organizational success at Syntiro, a nonprofit organization based in Augusta that works to improve and improve education and employment outcomes for residents of Maine. Federico reports directly to the President of Syntiro and will play a crucial role in the strategic management and operational efficiency of the organization. Previously she was an HR and administrative specialist; she left for a program manager position at the Maine Medical Association while continuing to work part-time for Syntiro.

With a background in management support, human resources and project coordination, Federico brings a wealth of experience to Syntiro. Her proven track record of managing executive schedules, handling recruitment processes and providing logistical support for projects fits seamlessly with the many duties of her role.

She will also spearhead the lively and festive conferences and events that Syntiro is known for. An amiable personality, attention to small details and a talent for event coordination are just some of the qualities that make her ideal for this role.

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