Chicago Bears Golden Boy Caleb Williams accepts ‘enjoyment’ in response to trolls and memes

Caleb Williams is no stranger to trolls. Maybe that’s because you’re the best candidate for your draft class. However, there is something about Williams that is especially triggering for some. Whether it’s his choice of nail polish or his very natural reaction to losing a match, his every move is dissected and criticized on social media. But it’s all good because he likes to troll his trolls right back.

In his recent appearance on the Pivot podcast, the former Trojans QB and current QB prospect for the Chicago Bears was asked why he bothers responding to the trolls online. It’s fun, was the simple answer. Even former NFL player and broadcaster Ryan Clark agreed with the sentiment.

“I like to react because it’s fun…I also react in an innocent way. I don’t attack people. Something like that, that’s not how I do it. I’m just kind of smart about it.”

Caleb Williams is a confident player both on and off the field. So if someone shoots at him, he has no problem serving it right back. Like the time he was trolled at a basketball game because of his pink nails, lip color and a phone case. Caleb Williams hit back at the trolls via a video posted by USC Trojans Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Player Relations Gavin Morris.

Caleb Williams hits back at Trolls

When Caleb Williams was spotted at a basketball game between USC and Kansas, the talk of the town was somehow his pink aesthetic. According to trolls, his pink appearance was so offensive that it warranted him not being drafted at all, and certainly not as the first overall pick.

Williams, fed up with the chatter, hit back at the trolls while showcasing the pink aesthetic in question. While his phone was pink, his nails were clear, his wallet white and his lips? Well, apparently “your girl loves them” pink lips.

But sometimes Williams will also respond to those who aren’t exactly trolls but don’t seem to have their facts straight. ESPN analyst Greg McElroy recently commented on Williams’ lack of adversity. Williams, who claimed to be bored, responded to the statements and listed all the ways he has overcome adversity in his college career.