Know your neighbor like a neighbor – Wokingham.Today

I experienced a wonderful get-together this Easter Sunday.

St Paul’s Church held Easter services at 6am, 8am and 9.30am, and our excellent social committee served a hot breakfast for people coming and going from church.

The parish hall was full of noise, life and conversation, people of all ages eating and rejoicing together.

It was a very cheerful morning.

Then in the evening I was invited by the Wokingham Muslim Society to come to their Ramadan Iftar, which was also held in the parish halls of St Paul’s.

It was wonderful to be there, together with two local politicians, as we met people from all over the area and feasted on dishes from Algeria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Syria and the rest of the world. Each family brought a dish from their homeland that was prepared for a lavish celebration. (I skipped the pizza because that felt a little comfortable).

It felt very special to be in the same room on the same day, partying with friends from two different faiths, who share such a strong commitment to serving the community and ensuring everyone feels heard and valued, whether they have a faith or not.

It seems obvious yet important to say that we must know our neighbors so that we can be neighbors.

Food is a great way to come together, so we can get to know each other, ask questions and discover how much we share, that we all long for the same kind of community and world.

Fr Richard Lamey is the Rector of St Paul’s Church in Wokingham and writes on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham