2024 NFL Draft: Caleb Williams aims for eight Super Bowl rings, surpassing Mahomes and Brady

April 25, 2024 is a pivotal day for USC Trojans #13 Quarterback Caleb Williams. It’s the opening day of the 2024 NFL Draft and Caleb turns his attention to Detroit as he sets the stage for an NFL career. The 22-year-old has attracted interest from several teams, with the Chicago Bears the clear favorites. In a major admission, the promising QB confirmed two notable details surrounding his goals in the coming years.

From NFL Alerts, his phone screensaver has his two main goals listed: the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. Taking a step above Tom Brady, the young QB is looking to finish his career with eight Super Bowl rings, one more than the retired legend. And his pressing goal is to become the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft so he can start his NFL career with confidence. Both goals show the ambitious side of the #13 QB.

Caleb’s goal of becoming number one could become a reality, despite competition from Jayden Daniels and JJ McCarthy. This is because the Chicago Bears have already indicated their interest in Caleb. But what about 8 rings? Caleb’s idol Patrick Mahomes is the closest contender to Brady’s 7 rings in the Super Bowl. It took 22 years for Brady to win his seven rings.

And for Mahomes, the journey isn’t much different, as he has won three rings in his seven years in the NFL. So the task ahead of Caleb requires him to take a chance. And remarkably, he devised a twenty-year plan to achieve his goal. What are the details of his twenty-year strategy?A look inside Caleb Williams’ 20-year plan to surpass Tom Brady

A look inside Caleb William’s 20-year Super Bowl plan

Interestingly, Tom Brady’s 20-year success story with the Patriots is the same source behind Caleb’s game plan. After studying Brady, he realized that his longevity with the Patriots played a major role in his excellent performance as a quarterback. As a result, he plans to emulate Tom Brady by bagging eight rings and stamping his legacy.

In his latest appearance on ‘The Pivot Podcast’, the QB revealed he wants to play in one place for 20 years. Interestingly, it followed TB12’s playbook of lending support to one team at the most important stage of its career. It clearly describes how the 22-year-old wants to shape his career in such a way that he can surpass the GOAT.

“Now I want to play one place for 20 years and chase one guy, No. 12 (Tom Brady). I want a place that loves ball. That’s all I’ve heard about Chicago so far, and that’s exciting to me,” said Caleb. Indeed, his words indicate that he is interested in the Bears, and that he is prioritizing pursuing legend Brady. But the stats aren’t in Caleb’s favor right now, as the Bears had last won a Super Bowl in 1986, fourteen years before his own birth.

So the task for Caleb is to reinvent his team in the NFC and become a top power. It will be a challenging road for him. If Caleb continues to play in the NFL for another 23 years (as Brady did), he should win his first title in his first three years. And he needs to continue winning one trophy every three years to surpass Brady’s record. With his priorities already clear, the young man is determined to prove his critics wrong. Although the challenge ahead is tough, Williams seems determined and confident enough to get through the current.