Boston Dynamics robot Atlas debuts, billed as a fully electric humanoid


Boston Dynamics is at it again with its new humanoid robot.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the engineering and robotics design company debuted the robot named ‘Atlas’ in a 30-second video.

Lying flat on the ground, Atlas begins to wake up. The humanoid bends its feet back and stands up, twisting and turning as it makes its way to greet the cameraman. Although the robot has no facial features, the few seconds of interaction with the cameraman can be counted as a short conversation. Atlas then makes his way out of the frame.

Atlas, joining Spot and Stretch, is a new all-electric robot that can perform heavy-duty tasks, according to Boston Dynamics. Hyundai plans to invest in the engineering and robotics company to help with new testing for Atlas. Humanoid’s goal is to become an improved version of the HD Atlas that can lift heavier objects and improve various gripper technologies, according to Boston Dynamics’ blog post.

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Dancing humanoid retires

HD Atlas was a hydraulic humanoid who had recently retired.

Boston Dynamics announced this on Tuesday in a hilarious YouTube video.

This humanoid is known for its groovy dance moves that went viral in 2020.

The purpose of a humanoid robot

Creating a robot with similar characteristics to a human will help the robot navigate our world more easily, Boston Dynamics explains.

Although Atlas is structurally exactly like a human, the robot’s purpose is to move more efficiently to complete a given task. After years of research and testing, the engineering and robotics company wants Atlas to be able to perform dangerous, dirty and boring tasks in real-world scenarios.

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