Columbia hosts open house to evaluate public transportation | Mid-Missouri News

The City of Columbia Public Works Department and its consultant, Olsson, will hold an open house meeting Tuesday to continue evaluating Columbia’s public transportation system.

The open house will take place at the Wabash Bus Station from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and will not have a formal presentation. The meeting is a continuation of a year-long study into the public transportation system, Go COMO.

Public Works spokesman John Ogan said the study is a comprehensive examination of the system.

“They (Olsson) are going to look at all aspects of public transportation in our city,” Ogan said. “Including our efficiency, our reliability, but also some of our technology and some of the apps that we use and some of the issues that we’ve had, including our staff shortages.”

Ogan also said the advisory group could look at improving facilities and reconfiguring routes.

“Holding these (open houses) is important,” Ogan said. “We want to get feedback and we also want to present options to the community and see how they respond.”

The previous open day took place in November and the city hopes that the turnout for Tuesday’s meeting will be as good as the previous one. A final public meeting will also take place in the summer and the investigation will be completed in September.

The city is also taking public comments through the end of the day on May 7. For those unable to attend the open house, comments can be submitted via BeHeardCoMo or emailed to Olsson at [email protected]

Ogan said the study is an opportunity for the city to reevaluate its resources.

“Ultimately, our goal is just to optimize the resources we have and provide a sustainable and safe public transportation system,” Ogan said.