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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the anime, features a blue-clad Phoenix Wright pointing at two men in suits talking on a monitor.

Have you ever wondered what a real Japanese lawyer would think? Phoenix Wright: Ace lawyer? Thanks to YouTuber and lawyer Devin Stone, better known as Legal Eagle, you no longer wonder. He works with the real lawyer Mr. Matsui to criticize the anime Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and, by extension, the game on which it is based.

Over the course of a 26-minute video, Stone and Matsui pick up on the inaccuracies and highlight where things are going well. There are other videos of attorneys taking issue with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Stone has made a solo effort. But what makes this video so fascinating is that Matsui, as a practicing Japanese lawyer, is perfectly placed to pass judgment on this Far Eastern franchise.

We are absolutely aware that the Phoenix Wright games, as great as they are, take serious liberties with the law. It might be justice, but there is no obligation for a lawyer to prove exactly who the real killer was. But this is still a great watch for fans of Ace Attorney or anyone with an interest in Japanese culture.

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Admittedly, as much as we love Ace Attorney, we hadn’t really delved into the state of Japan’s legal system. But we were surprised to discover that Japanese lawyers actually wear these badges. And although Japan has a ‘lay judge’ system, it is still possible for one judge to find a murder suspect guilty or not guilty.

You can watch the full video above and subscribe to Legal Eagle’s channel here. Now if he were to take a shot at Columbo… we’re big, big fans of the late Peter Falk’s actions, but we can’t believe all those traps would hold up in court.